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At present, our company is developing rapidly and expanding :

Fringe benefits

1. Free accommodation and meals: three dishes and one soup, clean and sanitary dining room; garden-style factory buildings, community-style management staff home, brand-new dormitories, each with a bathroom and bathroom, 2-4 people, to provide husband and wife room.

2. The company pays social security, housing provident fund (five insurance and one fund), commercial insurance, red envelopes for birthdays, festivals and holidays, and cold tea for summer.

3. In order to enrich employees'spare time, the company has entertainment rooms, libraries, table tennis rooms, fitness rooms, basketball courts, badminton courts and other places for employees to sing K, read books, play ball and keep fit. Regular cultural and recreational activities, such as annual conference raffle and so on.

4, the company provides all kinds of training opportunities for employees, such as province exit, overseas training and so on.

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Buyer Dongguan 2 Interview 2018/10/19 +

Job requirements: men and women are not restricted.

Familiar with purchasing process, good communication skills, negotiation skills and cost consciousness.

Careful and conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking and strong teamwork spirit.

Proficient in computer operation, better understanding of ERP system operation.

Bear hardships and stand hard work, have good professional ethics and dedication spirit.

Quality inspector Dongguan 2 Interview 2018/10/19 +

Job requirements:

Technical secondary school or above, mechatronics or mechanical manufacturing is preferred.

Working experience in quality system is better.

Good analytical and judgement ability, logical thinking and quick thinking.

Proficiency in OFFICE software, familiar with common product testing and measuring instruments and equipment, such as calipers, verniers, etc.

Storekeeper Dongguan 2 Interview 2018/10/19 +

Job requirements:

Be familiar with warehouse entry and shipment management process, skilled in computer document processing and ERP system operation.

Collect and file monthly inventory.

The work is conscientious, responsible, careful, diligent, organized, hardworking and able to work overtime.

Mechanic (fuel injector, machining) Dongguan 4 Interview 2018/10/19 +

Fuel injector:

It will use spray guns and oil to mix colors, polish and scrape ash.

Those who can bear hardships and hardships and have no relevant experience can also try.


With more than 1 years working experience in machining and assembly, drilling and mechanical drawings will be available.

(post subsidy 200 yuan / month, high temperature subsidy 150 yuan / month)

Accounting Dongguan 2 Interview 2018/10/19 +

Job requirements:

Technical secondary school or above, accounting or related finance is preferred.

Familiar with OFFICE software and application; good professional ethics and quality.

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