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One stop paper cutting provider

CHM, Cheung Kong Machinery (HK) Co., Ltd., your professional sheeting machineries manufacturer, and the leading paper processing solutions provider in China.

Established 2004 in Hong Kong, the CHM group persists on a client centric and innovation focused approach on driving sustainable developments. CHM has since become the leader of the sheeting machinery sector in China.

Our core value is on technology innovations and possess the highest number of patented technologies among the sector. We are renowned as the "standard setter" of the sheeting machinery sector. With our solid technological capabilities, we have since nurtured numerous professionals in the field, and now having the strongest production capabilities and capacities, nevertheless, plus, a strong after-sales technical team providing state-of-the-art services to our clients, receiving all-rounded recognitions among our Chinese and global clientele.

CHM group today, has now become the flagship enterprise in the Chinese sheeting machinery manufacturer sector and expanding towards the global market space.


Product Description: Changjiang products specialize in 2 series.

The first series - web paper cutting flat paper: directly cut web paper into flat paper, widely used in paper mills, printing plants, paper processing plants.

Model (definition): CHM-1400/1700/1900 is defined according to the broad definition of the reel base paper.

Single drum high speed web separator

1- servo drive: speed 300m/min

2- dual frequency drive: speed 450m/min, energy saving about 7KW

3- double drum (double helical transverse cutting machine): cutting paper weight: 200-1000, speed: 300m/min

The second series - Roller Cutting A4 Electrostatic Copy Paper: that is, directly dividing the Roller Paper into A4 Copy Paper, and packaging, boxes into the process. It is the first enterprise to produce A4 automatic production line in China.

A4 copy paper production line: type (definition): all the numbers are defined by the number of A4 cut out.

CHM-A4-2: two cut two volumes

CHM-A4-4: four cutting four volumes (or five volumes)

CHM-A4-5: five cut four volumes (or five volumes).

CHM-A4B: packing machine.

CHM-A4DB: luggage machine.

CHM advantages of Changjiang Machinery:

CHM is the only Hong Kong brand sheeting machinery producer in China.

Own the second-biggest facility in the world, nearly 100,000 square meters.

As the sheeting solution expert, owns the best R&D team and highest number of patent, more than 110 item, as the participator of the industry standards.

More than 10 years of intensive research and producing sheeting machine.

CHM owns the best team especially the international standard after-sales team. Dedicate to establish the “whole-life-period” relationship with our customers

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owns the best R&D team and highest number of patent, more than 110 item, as the participator of the industry standards.

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