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Discussion on the working principle of paper Slitter

2018.10.16 809

Paper slitter is a paper processing equipment that slits and rewinds wide web paper into coils of different width and diameter. It is widely used in paper processing or printing press.

Main structure and working principle:

Paper slitter is composed of frame, transmission system, material collecting and discharging machine and tension control device, traction component, slitting bracket, waste rolling and discharging device, etc. It divides the raw material into several independent units. Its working principle is to fix the raw material on one end of the feeding shaft of the feeding material and install a magnetic powder tension controller to keep the tension required by the raw material, and then pull the raw material through a pair of rubber rollers, and cut the raw material into several pieces through the blade. Then the guide rolls are guided to the A and B reels to carry the finished products. Its transmission is driven by the main motor to synchronize the traction rubber roll and the feeding shaft, so as to achieve the purpose of traction feeding and finished product feeding.

1. Frame and transmission system: Frame is composed of left and right wallboard and support, and feeding machinery. The transmission system is mainly used to pull raw materials and finished products. It is made up of variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor, which makes the pulling cots run by V-belt of the motor. The main pulling cots and the driven pulling cots work closely together and synchronously to pull raw materials. Walking, through the active traction roll to drive the synchronous operation of the lower round knife shaft to achieve better cutting requirements, through the lower round knife shaft to drive the synchronous operation of winding A and winding B, so as to achieve the purpose of material collection.

2. Receiving mechanism and tension device: Receiving mechanism mainly consists of chains, synchronous wheels, magnetic powder clutch, and air-expanding shaft, and two reeling shafts are controlled by a single motor. As long as the current of magnetic powder clutch is adjusted, the tension of the reclaiming shaft can be changed.

3. Traction component: The traction component mainly consists of a pair of traction cots and several hard oxidized aluminium rolls, which can collect raw materials for finished products. Its power comes from the motor passing through V-belt to the active traction cots to make them run.

4. Cutting tool holder: Cutting tool holder has circular cutter, straight cutter and manipulating handle, which can make the circular cutter move in a slight axial direction to adjust the shearing gap between the edge of the circular cutter and the groove of the cushion sleeve.

5. Waste collection and discharge: waste is discharged through the wind pipe and by the blast of the blower.

6. Feeding mechanism and automatic deviation rectification: Feeding mechanism mainly consists of feeding shaft, supporting block, cylinder, base, left and right moving seat, etc. It consists of photoelectric start, deviation rectifying guide roll, left and right support, deviation rectifying moving plate, ball nut and screw, synchronous motor and left and right limit switch.

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