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Analysis of Advantages and Performance of Cutter

Technical performance is mainly reflected in the cutting machine cut the level of accuracy, precision retention, quality, stability, ease of operation and safety and so on.

Domestic cutting machine technology and the level of international advanced countries have a certain gap, mainly as follows:

① control system is relatively backward, the lack of automatic detection devices, from the control system is concerned, China has just started using PLC, and foreign countries have adopted full-line computer control, the use of computer control, the implementation of the computer components to monitor and adjust, Parameters, and under the control of the computer can also be automatically adjusted, greatly reducing the auxiliary time and ensure reliable work.

② complete sets of poor, domestic cutting machine rarely accompanied by peripheral equipment, namely: cutting production line.

③ appearance and ease of use to a certain extent. However, through the domestic production of paper cutter in recent years, efforts, domestic Cutter and the gap between foreign products in the rapidly narrowing, and even some of the leading technology, foreign color for the basic computer program-controlled, but also domestically digital display , The lack of a variety of security protection of the mechanical existence of a large number of Cutter and sales, computer control Cutter is the development trend of the paper cutter, and is a large area to replace other fast control of the cutting.

Press the "Cut" button, the cutter up and down more than twice, said with a knife. The main reason for the knife with the knife cutter cutters limit switch failure or not touch the upper limit switch, and the relay contact adhesion or stagnation.

Can not ignore the price of the cutter, the price is to choose an important factor in domestic Cutter. Relative to foreign imports Cutter, the price has obvious advantages, excellent performance, price concessions is to promote the choice of domestic customers Cut the main reason, but also in place in the domestic service. Because cost-effective, with a practical and affordable features, the current domestic market share for the highest paper cutter.

Cutter optimized for heavy-duty rack design, precision machining, stable performance, rugged; Cutter adopts a new high-integration of high stability components, the original electronic tool position indicator line to ensure reliable operation of the cutter; touch key panel , Two-hand interlock device, automatic reset function, protection is absolutely safe. High-speed steel blade, sharp and durable; unique fault self-detection, make your operation more handy.