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The Working Principle and Classification of Cutter

Cutter operation is relatively simple, the requirements of the environment is not high. Usually in the general office to ensure power supply to work with power. General Cutter with automatic switching system, as long as the input of the enemy in the paper, cutter will automatically rotate the paper chopped. Some paper cutter also need to press the start button, the cutter will rotate, can continue to cut.

Shredding should be preceded by a check to break the file on whether there are paper clips, staples and other hard objects. If so, remove it and put it into the paper slot, otherwise it may damage the tool. When using the cutter, you should pay attention not to plug too much paper, especially good quality paper, use should pay attention to, in order to avoid the phenomenon of paper jamming into the paper as far as possible not to put skew, relatively narrow Keep the paper as far as possible in the center of the paper feed slot.

For early products, the use of jamming in the event of a failure, press the back button or stop button, so that the broken can continue to use. Cutter mostly equipped with overload protection device, when the motor overload heating, it will automatically shut down. At this time should be stopped using 20 to 30min, the motor cooling. At the same time, re-use should be considered appropriate to reduce the number of input paper. More advanced paper cutter once the overload will automatically stop, automatically back out of paper, the use of more convenient. When the cutter box is full, some machines will automatically sound to remind people to remove scraps of paper in a timely manner.

Paper cutting machine from the life of paper cutter and industrial paper cutter, a wide range of varying degrees of automation.

Tissue paper cutting machine with toilet paper cutter, napkin paper cutter, drawing paper cutter, box paper cutter, paper cutter, paper towel paper cutter, tissue paper cutter and other cutting machinery composition . According to the different paper products, the corresponding paper cutting machine is not the same.

Tissue paper cutter more is the band saw, which is used to cut toilet paper roll paper band saw cutter. Band saw cutter equipped with automatic grinding knife, movable platen device, according to the required length, width, cut into the required roll paper products.

Industrial Cutter has a manual cutter, electric Cutter, CNC Cutter, etc., mainly used for industrial paper or other products, cutting. Small Recommendation: To find industrial paper cutter, to understand the product as much as possible to facilitate the search for the corresponding equipment manufacturers.