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What is the classification of printing equipment?

Press press forms are divided into Toppan, lithography, gravure and stencil printing press; press plate and embossed structure is divided into flat pressure flat, round flat and round pressure round printing press.

1, Toppan Printing Machine:

A machine that uses letterpress to complete a printing process. Such as the name card machine (resin version), the word printing, Zinbo version, the number of words, such as sets.

2, lithographic printing press:

A machine that uses lithography to complete a printing process. Such as multi-color machine, four-color machine, two-color machines, monochrome machines, such as fast printing presses.

3, gravure printing machine:

A machine that uses gravure to complete the printing process. Such as instant noodles of glass bag printing, biscuit of aluminum foil bags and so on.

4, screen printing machine:

Machines that use screen printing to complete the printing process. Holes printing: such as screen printing, circuit board printing, cloth flower printing, canned printing, Ming printing, local polishing, and so on.

Sort by paper type

1, sheet-fed printing press: the use of sheet-fed printing press.

2, web printing press: the use of web printing presses.

Press the print structure form classification

1, flat pressure flat press: plate support body and the impression body are flat printing press

2, round pressure flat printing machine (platform printing machine): plate support body is flat, and the imprint body is a cylindrical printing press.