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Talking about the working principle of copy paper slitter

Paper Slitter is a wide web cutting and rewinding into a width ranging from the diameter of the paper roll processing equipment. Widely used in the paper processing sector or pre-press equipment.

The paper slitter consists of frame, transmission system, retractable material mechanical and tension control device, traction component, slitting bracket, waste rewinding and discharging device and so on. It is the raw material is divided into several separate units, its working principle is fixed on the raw material discharge on the end of the discharge shaft equipped with a magnetic tension controller to constant tension required for raw materials, and then through a pair of rubber roller to traction Raw materials, the blade cut into several. And then guided through the guide roller to the A, B to rewind the finished roll. It is driven by the main motor driven traction rubber roller and take-up shaft synchronous operation to achieve the purpose of traction and finished materials.

1, Rack and transmission system: The frame is composed of left and right wall plate and supporting block and discharging machinery. The transmission system is mainly used for traction of raw materials and finished products. It is driven by variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor. The main traction roller and the driven traction roller are in close contact with each other, and the traction raw material is running synchronously. The active traction roller drives the circular cutter shaft to run synchronously to achieve better cutting requirements. Knife shaft driven winding A and rolling B to synchronize the operation, so as to achieve the purpose of receiving.

2, Receiving mechanism and its tension device: Receiving agencies are mainly chain, synchronous wheel, magnetic clutch, and inflatable shaft and other mechanical components, by a separate motor control of the two reel running, as long as the adjustment of magnetic powder clutch current, You can change the size of the tension of the receiving axis.

3, traction components: traction components are a pair of traction cots and a number of hard oxidation of aluminum roller composition, played to gather raw materials for walking winding finished products, its power comes from the motor through the V-belt to the initiative Traction roller to run.

4, the cutting knife holder: Slitting knife with a round knife slitting, straight knife slitting, the handle through the flat surface of the cam can make a circular knife for a small amount of axial movement to adjust the round knife edge groove groove and cut sets gap.

5, waste reel and discharge: waste through the wind pipe using the wind blower to discharge.

6, the discharge agencies and automatic correction: discharge agencies are the discharge axis, support block, cylinder, base, left and right mobile seat composed of automatic correction device: a photoelectric start, correcting guide roller, left and right frame, Nut and screw, synchronous motor and about the limit switch.