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Paper Slitter performance and characteristics of the introduction

Performance and features:

1, paper Slitter is the use of PLC and touch screen control, magnetic clutch tension control, the center coiling method.

2, the host is the use of frequency control, you can automatically meter, alarm shutdown, tension figures are all displayed in the touch screen above.

3, unwinding using photoelectric automatic correction (or ultrasonic correction) to correct the neat side of the paper so that the irregular material can be properly cut.

4, round knife (or straight knife) longitudinal cutting, waste side of the automatic discharge device.

5, manual (or pneumatic) on the material with reel-type reel shaft (3 "or 6").

6, winding with A, B-axis (inflatable).

In order to make the machine work, cut out the high-quality finished products, should be irregularly check the situation of various parts of the machine and the lubrication point of refueling.

The environmental conditions of the equipment directly affect the characteristics and service life of electrical appliances and parts. The environment of installation equipment should be:

1, indoor ventilation is good.

2, the ambient temperature -10 ℃ +40 ℃.

3, try to avoid high temperature and humidity, humidity less than 90% RH, no rain drops.

4, to avoid direct sunlight.

5, no flammable, corrosive gases and liquids.

6, the installation base fixed no vibration.

7, no electromagnetic interference, away from interference sources.