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Message from the Chairman:

Cheung Kong Machinery (HK) Limited and its investment in the Mainland, Shenzhen, Shen Zhen Cheung Kong Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd has gone through a dozen years; Looking back, with emotion, looking forward to tomorrow, an upsurge of emotion. Since its establishment in 2004, I and my entrepreneurial colleagues experienced from small to large enterprises, from the industry obscurity to the vanguard of the industry, selling from the domestic market to more than 50 countries on five continents, has experienced ups and downs, to overcome the All kinds of difficulties, it is gratifying to finally realize the initial desire to create the Yangtze River Machinery - the challenge of similar products in Europe in the domestic market monopoly, creating a reputation at home and abroad market, a loud market brand.

Our company is a professional-controlled Cutter professional manufacturers. Ten years ago, the domestic market, most of these machines are from Europe or Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, domestic manufacturers Liao Liao. A chance, I dare to courage for the world first, holding "others can do, why can not I do" ambition broke into the industry. At the beginning of 2004, the company moved into the 5,000-square-meter single-family factory building, and gradually began to build a new factory building in Shenzhen Baoan. Into the product design and production phase, and gradually clear the business goals - to do a large-scale production of paper cutter factory, creating its own brand; gradually clear the goal to lead us on the right track.

In 2009, in the sustained and rapid development, adhere to the "excellent brand, personalized service" marketing strategy, and constantly increase market development, marketing services and promotion efforts, so that the marketing network and market share of a strong consolidation and Rapid development; in 2011, and then extend the extension of the country's second largest paper group in the seat of the Sun Paper Yanzhou City, the construction of the Yangtze River in Shandong Machinery Co., Ltd., plant area of 15,000 square meters, production capacity doubled, the market influence The top three in the domestic printing industry after the city - Dongguan City, Qiaotou town covers an area of nearly 45,000 square meters of industrial park also formally put into use in 2016, the current production of three categories of more than 10 specifications of the cut Paper machine products, the number reached 350 or more, the production capacity ranked first in the country. With the continuous expansion of the scale, do a good job in its own brand CHM at the same time, but also hope to be able to pre-printing paper processing machinery manufacturing industry to make greater efforts to develop.

Over the past decade, the annual investment in new product development on the operating income of more than 10%, access to 32 various types of patents (such as: ZL200420088312.4, ZL200420083405.8, ZL200420088519.1, ZL200730171780.7, ZL200730171781.1, ZL200730171779.4, ZL200820092292.6, ZL201030122288.2, ZL2011201042198.X, ZL201120104215.X, ZL201120104227.2, ......), the industry that: a number of our company's patented technology innovation for the domestic "before printing paper processing Machinery industry development "has played an immeasurable role in promoting; also cultivated the industry three generations of product technology elite and a large number of technical backbone, which has an independent research and development capabilities and performance of scientific and technical personnel accounting for about one-third of the industry, The entire industry of scientific and technological progress; from the enterprise to go out of the scientific and technical personnel and technical backbone of the market elite has been all over the country among the dozens of peer companies, once peer known as "paper cutter industry Whampoa Military Academy".

Shen Zhen Cheung Kong Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd was certified by Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise in 2009 and upgraded to a state-level high-tech enterprise in 2013. In 2014, the company was invited by National Standardization Committee to write JB for the cutting machine industry standard. Shangdong Cheung Kong Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. in 2015 also received a national high-tech enterprise certification.

In the years of hard work, and gradually clear the value of the enterprise to do: the creation of value for customers, providing staff platform for enterprises to achieve efficiency.

CHM products along with the continuous expansion of the enterprise market, the expansion of production space exponentially, but also with the productivity of the rapid increase, so that the pace of going out of the country to step bigger, more stable, more determined, by 2015, customers have been around More than 50 countries on five continents. These achievements are all highlights the enterprise over the years to promote and adhere to the idea is correct - to high quality and excellent service to win market trust, adhere to the integrity-based corporate culture, Of life experiences in the inner world of sublimation.

Years of entrepreneurial process so that we have to follow the strong sense of the law of the market, I believe that only by the laws of the market in order to lead enterprises in the market waves continue to move forward. So I and my colleagues firmly believe that, regardless of the enterprise in the development of good times or adversity, can always hold awe of the market, respect for the market, study the market attitude, with cliffs, clingy to adapt to changes in the market To guide the progress of enterprises.

Years of hard work in the market, inspired us to R & D marketable and lead the market demand for products on the first enterprise operation is the key to winning business. The product has been insisting on the "R & D generation, production generation, improve the generation of" progressive technology approach to work with the same time we adhere to the quality control control procurement, production and after-sales service of the work links, CHM products long-term market trust, Get the customer's approval and peer default.

In recent years, as our products continue to be hot, respected by customers, resulting in large and small machinery manufacturing enterprises copied imitation, while we rely on the paper industry and paper market has changed, resulting from the upstream market The environment into a passive and even down the market environment, coupled with we happen to be in such a climate to complete the second wave of expansion of the enterprise, so that our market pressure and discord, there has been a brief panic, but soon Rekindled.

"Strength comes from the scale, quality from the professional" company has experienced professional design and development of the elite team, experienced, first-class service maintenance team, skilled, better production and installation of technical team, rigorous scientific quality management system, CHM products Still have nearly a hundred improvement in performance each year that we did not live up to the expectations and trust of customers.

After several months of careful summary, careful thinking, re-determine the direction of future business development: go out! Out of a large market of small enterprises of international export-oriented new road. Compared with most domestic counterparts and competitors, we not only have the accumulation of export markets and experience, but also has the export market, brand precipitation, also has "going out" soft power, with the "going out" of the initial conditions.

The country's "area along the way" strategy for our company to develop "going out" approach to the development of the direction and gave us the determination to adjust the direction of development: "along the way," along the sixty countries Cut the market for our CHM brand We have met a lot of business partners, our products have a solid market influence; only to be formally we "go out" identified as the future long-term market development strategy and carefully refined to carry out. As a manufacturer of paper-cutting machines and an enterprise that has already entered the international market, we should pay special attention to the practical significance of the "one-way-all" development strategy of the country.

The cooling-off of the market in the second half of 2015 has led us to sum up and review the thirteen years of entrepreneurship. About five years ago, China's paper industry to undertake the developed countries to give up the paper production capacity and turned into the world's first paper-making power, but also gave birth to the printing before the printing industry in the printing industry in the printing machinery industry, Paper processing machinery industry's rapid growth, CHM is the tide in this growth for the industry first. It is also because the market situation is excellent, the same industry investment manufacturers herd, surrounded them, and soon became a small plant everywhere vicious competition. After the 2014 product oversupply, the whole industry into a vicious cycle of price spike, a lot of the same price for the fight and at the expense of shoddy, shoddy and malicious digging R & D personnel, counterfeiting products designed to steal neighborhood counterparts frequent events , We also suffer.

So far, we have completed the CHM system in the domestic market rational distribution, with the Shen Zhen Cheung Kong Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd., Dong Guan Chun Hing Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd., Shangdong Cheung Kong Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places a number of strategies Partners; the next blueprint for the development of the framework of the European market, the Indian sub-continent, the East African South African market and Latin America set up four foreign service base. Four service base in 2017 -2019 plans to put into service. At the same time in a foreign country to build a key parts of the production enterprises to provide core components of foreign enterprises.

We plan the four overseas service base for the local market will provide marketable sales of products, so that the market expansion and economic development of enterprises is proportional to the development. At the same time overseas production base will also meet the actual expansion of the local market product line. Domestic Changjiang Machinery - Chun Hing Machinery will be in front of the market demand for new models of R & D design. Five years later, CHM(HK) will become a more resounding star of the market brand.

Throughout the development process, we will also introduce the power of the capital market, the entire Yangtze Machinery - Chun Hing machinery listed overseas, to create a listed company for the follow-up development to provide new impetus.

Looking to the last five years, I will gradually realize my colleagues and I start a business plan, a small machinery manufacturing dream. To this end, I will work hard.

Our development plan recognizes that when overseas service bases are established, they will become the base for paper-based post-market projects that will introduce "integration of printing and packaging" based on local market demand. It will also become a platform for introducing new projects, Expand the value of recycling function. That is, the popular "chicken, eggs, chicken," as a virtuous recycling function. This strategic development road is expected to use two five-year plan to achieve.

In another ten years, we will realize the dream of a small manufacturing enterprise group, the output value of production capacity will be more than 10 times. We carefully tempered over the years, CHM will truly become well-known brands in the market.

In order to realize my dream of re-start, I will lead my team to develop and gradually practice our blueprint for the 2016-2020 plan.

First of all, we must timely adjust the situation and even break the shackles of the original work habits, and constantly update the concept. As one of the leading military theorists points out, "The most important thing to do is to realize that ideas are soft power, but decisive, recognizing constant self-denial and strong sense of advance." With this "continuous self-denial, strong sense of advance" as the guiding ideology of re-education for me and my team, as the starting point, starting point, foothold to create a new situation. We must unswervingly study the development concept of modern advanced enterprises, learn the successful experience of the current advanced enterprises, in particular, learn to draw lessons from the failure of pioneer cases, the behavior of the enterprise into nutrition to reduce the cost of progress. We have the confidence to quickly out of the market downturn second venture.

To do a good job in the current business transformation and upgrading of the work is really a multitude of things, but in general it is such an outline: to seize a red line that the concept of renewal, reform and innovation; seize a systematic project that is a comprehensive quality control; grasp the three key sectors The transformation of the work to improve, "reduce costs", "capital control", "marketing reengineering." In the implementation of this work outline, always establish and implement new ideas and new initiatives as a lasting corporate culture reengineering task. Corporate culture re-engineering must always be at the top of our work.

"Thought must be revolutionary, ideas must be updated," we must "see everyone can see," and then think of all did not think of. This is a certain domestic military theorists summed up the wisdom, it will become our corporate culture re-masterpiece. Because the next step "going out" strategy, the implementation of the next development strategy blueprint, always rely on the joint efforts of the Yangtze River mechanical colleagues can be achieved.

As a manufacturing enterprise investors, a modern industrial enterprise managers, I am deeply learning is essential. I will work in practice continue to learn to step by step to achieve their own pursuit, for the establishment of a machinery manufacturing industry in the success of the brand efforts. In the future, after the enterprise obtains certain value, the enterprise does not belong to the enterprise itself, but belongs to the society, hoped through each kind of method returns society, takes to the people, uses in the people, can reflect the enterprise survival value.

Chairman Zhong Juelin