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CHM, Cheung Kong Machinery (HK) Co., Ltd.,  and Shenzhen Changjiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. invested in Shenzhen in the Mainland have gone through more than ten years. Looking back on the past, I am filled with emotion, looking forward to the future, and my heart is surging. 

Since its establishment in 2004, my business colleagues and I have experienced the enterprise from small to large, from obscurity to industry leader, from hot sales in the domestic market to more than 50 countries on five continents, experienced ups and downs, overcome various difficulties, and it is gratifying that we have finally realized the initial establishment of the Yangtze River machinery. Wish to challenge the monopoly position of European similar products in domestic market and create a resounding market brand with good reputation at home and abroad.


Our company is a professional manufacturer of automatic control paper cutter. More than a decade ago, the vast majority of such machines in the domestic market came from Europe or Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines, with few domestic manufacturers. By chance, I entered the industry with the courage of a newborn calf to be the first in the world and the ambition of "what others can do, why can't I do". At first, in the simple factory building rented by Bao'an, Shenzhen, more than a dozen colleagues overcome many difficulties and began to start their own business. They started from repairing old machines and selling overseas machines. In early 2004, they moved into a single factory building of nearly 5,000 square meters, gradually entered the stage of product design and production, and gradually clarified the goal of the enterprise-running one. Home production of large-scale paper cutting machine factory, create its own brand; gradually clear goals put us on the right track.

In 2009, with the sustained and rapid development, we insisted on the marketing strategy of "excellent brand and humanized service", and steadily increased the efforts of market development, marketing services and promotion, so that the marketing network and market share were effectively consolidated and rapidly developed; in 2011, we expanded and extended to the second largest papermaking collection in the country. Yanzhou City, where Tuanyang Paper Industry is located, has invested in the construction of Shandong Yangtze River Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. with a plant area of 15,000 square meters, doubled production capacity and leaped to the top three in market influence. Then, in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, an important printing industry town, an industrial park with an area of nearly 45,000 square meters was built in 2016. It was officially put into use in 2001. At present, it produces more than 350 paper cutters of three categories and more than ten specifications each year. Its production capacity ranks first in the country. With the continuous expansion of the scale, while doing a good job of its own brand CHM, we hope to be able to make greater efforts for the development of mechanical manufacturing in the paper processing industry before printing.

Over the past decade, the annual investment in research and development of new products accounted for more than 10% of business income, and 32 patents were obtained (e.g. ZL200420088312.4, ZL200420083405.8, ZL200420088519.1, ZL200730171780.7, ZL200730171781.1, ZL200730171779.4, ZL200820092292.6, ZL201030122288.2, ZL201104.X, ZL20107171780.7, ZL200730171781.1, ZL200730171781.1, ZL2007292.6, ZL201 104215.X, ZL201120104227.2,... )

The industry considers that the innovation of our company's technology R&D patents has played an immeasurable role in promoting the development of domestic "pre-printing paper processing machinery industry"; at the same time, it has trained three generations of product technological elites and a large number of technical backbone in the industry, among which the scientific and technological personnel with independent R&D ability and performance account for about the whole industry. One third of the industry has led to scientific and technological progress in the whole industry; the scientific and technological personnel and backbone, market elites who have gone out of the enterprise have spread over dozens of peer enterprises throughout the country, once honored by peers as "Huangpu Military Academy of Paper Cutting Machine Industry".

Shenzhen Changjiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was certified as a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen in 2009, upgraded to a state-level high-tech enterprise in 2013, and was invited by the National Standardization Committee in 2014 to develop and write standards for the slitter industry (JB); Shandong Changjiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. also won in 2015. Certification of state-level high-tech enterprises.

Over the years of struggle, the value pursuit of running an enterprise has gradually been clearly defined: creating value for customers, providing a platform for employees, and realizing benefits for enterprises; in the future, we will continue to strive for this pursuit and commitment.

At present, with the continuous expansion of the enterprise market, the doubling expansion of production space, and the rapid increase of productivity, CHM products have made the pace of going abroad larger, more stable and more firm. By 2015, customers have spread over 50 countries on five continents. These achievements all show that the idea advocated and adhered to by enterprises for many years is correct - to win the trust of the market constantly with high quality and excellent service, to adhere to the corporate culture purpose of honesty, and to get the sublimation of the inner world in the life experience of serving enterprises and society.

Years of entrepreneurship have given us a strong sense of following the market rules, and we believe that only by acting according to the market rules can we lead enterprises to move forward in the market storm. So my colleagues and I firmly believe that, in both the good and bad times of enterprise development, we can always hold the attitude of revering the market, respecting the market and studying the market, and use the attitude of facing cliffs and treading on thin ice to guide the progress of enterprises.

In the years of market struggle, it has inspired us to put the research and development of marketable products and market demand-oriented products in the first place in the operation of enterprises is the key to the success of enterprises. We always adhere to the progressive technical working principle of "R&D generation, production generation, improvement generation". At the same time, we adhere to the quality control of supplies to lead the procurement, production and after-sales service links, so that CHM products have long been trusted by market customers, and constantly obtain the approval of customers and the acquiescence of colleagues.

In recent years, as our products continue to sell well and are praised by customers, they have been copied and imitated by large and small machinery manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, the paper industry and paper market that we rely on have changed, leading to a change from an upward market environment to a passive and even downward market environment. In addition, we happen to be here and so on. The second wave of enterprise expansion has been completed in the atmosphere, which makes our market show pressure and disharmony. There has been a short period of panic, but it soon rebounded.

"Strength comes from scale, quality comes from specialty" company has professional and senior design and research elite team, experienced and first-class engineering maintenance team, skilled and excellence production and installation technical team, rigorous and scientific quality management system, CHM products still have nearly 100 improved performance certificates every year. We have not failed to live up to our customers' expectations and trust.

After several months of earnest summary and careful thinking, the future direction of enterprise development has been redefined: go out! Walk out of an international and export-oriented new road of small enterprises and big markets. Compared with most domestic counterparts and competitors, we not only have the accumulation and experience of the export market, but also have the brand precipitation of the export market. We also have the soft power of "going out", and have the preliminary conditions of "going out".

The strategy of "one belt and one road" proposed by the state has pointed out the direction for our company to formulate the policy of "going out" and has given us the determination to adjust the direction of development. The market of paper cutting machines in sixty countries along the "one belt and one road" is no stranger to our CHM brand; we have identified many business partners and our products. Only when we formally define "going out" as a long-term market development strategy in the future and carefully refine and implement it. As a paper cutter manufacturing enterprise and an enterprise that has entered the international market, we should pay special attention to the practical significance of the development strategy of "one belt and one road".

The market cooling off period in the second half of 2015 has prompted us to conscientiously summarize and review the entrepreneurial history of the past thirteen years. Our products belong to the machinery manufacturing industry of pre-printing paper processing industry. About five years ago, China's paper industry took over the capacity abandoned by developed countries and became the world's largest paper-making country. It also gave birth to the rapid growth of pre-printing paper processing machinery industry. This is where our Yangtze River Machinery Company is located. In the spring tide, it has become the first industry. It is also because of the good market situation that investors in the same industry flocked to the top and soon became a vicious competitive situation with small factories. After 2014, the supply of products exceeded the demand, and the whole industry was caught in a vicious circle of scrambling for price. Many of our peers spared no effort to cut corners in order to fight for price. We also suffered from frequent incidents of stealing peer designs by imitating products from our neighbours.

Up to now, our Yangtze River Machinery System has completed a reasonable market layout in China, with a number of strategic partners in Shenzhen Yangtze River Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Junxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Yangtze River Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The framework of the next development blueprint is for European markets. Four overseas service bases were established in the field, the India Pakistan subcontinent, the East African South African market and the Latin American market. The four service base plans were put into service in 2017 -2019. At the same time, a key component production enterprise will be built overseas to provide core components to overseas enterprises.

Our planned four overseas service bases will provide marketable products to the local market, making the expansion of the market proportional to the economic growth of enterprises. At the same time, overseas production bases will also expand the product line with the local market. China's Changjiang Machinery - Chun Hing Machinery will provide new R & D design for the market ahead. Five years later, Hongkong Changjiang Machinery will become a more resonant market brand star.

In the whole process of development, we will also introduce the power of capital market, listing the whole Yangtze River Machinery - Junxing Machinery abroad, making it a listed company, providing new impetus for the follow-up development.

Looking forward to the next five years, we will initially realize a business ambition of my colleagues and me, a development dream of a small mechanical manufacturing enterprise. For this reason, I will try my best to work harder.

Our development plan confirms that when overseas service bases are established, they will become the bases for introducing "printing-package integration" market projects relying on local market demand, as well as the platform for introducing new projects, expanding market acceptance and value reengineering functions. That is to say, the popular function of "chicken laying eggs and egg laying hens" is good recycling. The strategic development path is expected to be realized by two five year plans.

In another ten years, we will realize the "dream" of a small manufacturing enterprise group, and the output value will be more than 10 times that of today. The brand of "Changjiang Machinery CHM", which has been meticulously sharpened for many years, will become a famous brand in the market.

In order to realize my dream of re-entrepreneurship, I will lead my team to formulate and gradually practice our blueprint for 2016-2020.

First of all, we must timely adjust the situation and even break the shackles of the original work habits, and constantly update our concepts. As a famous domestic military theorist pointed out, "There are two most important steps to renew ideas: recognizing that ideas are soft power, but they are decisive, recognizing constant self-denial and strong sense of advance". With this "constant self-denial, strong sense of advance" as the guiding ideology of re-education for me and my team, as the focus, starting point and foothold of the innovation situation. We must persevere in learning the development concepts of modern advanced enterprises and the successful experiences of current advanced enterprises, especially the lessons learned from the failure cases of pioneers, and transform them into the behavioral nutrition of our enterprises in order to reduce the cost of progress. We are confident that we can get out of the market downturn and start our business two times.

It is a myriad of clues to do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises at present, but it can be summarized as follows: grasping a red line, i.e. concept renewal, reform and innovation; grasping a systematic project, i.e. overall quality control; grasping the work transformation and improvement of three key departments, i.e., reducing costs, capital control and market. Marketing reengineering ". In the implementation of this work outline, we should always establish and implement new ideas, new ideas and new initiatives as a lasting corporate culture reengineering project. Corporate culture reengineering must always be the top priority of our work.

"Thoughts must revolutionize and concepts must be renewed." We must "see what everyone can see" and think of what no one has thought of. This is the wisdom of a domestic military theorist, it will become the general outline of our corporate culture reengineering. Because the implementation of the next "going out" strategy and the realization of the next development strategy blueprint will always depend on the joint efforts of colleagues of Yangtze Machinery.

As an investor in a manufacturing enterprise and a manager of a modern industrial enterprise, I deeply feel the importance of learning. I will continue to learn to realize my pursuit step by step in my work practice, and strive for the success of establishing an enterprise brand in machine manufacturing industry. In the future, the enterprise will not belong to the enterprise itself but to the society after it has acquired a certain value. It is hoped that the survival value of the enterprise can be embodied only by rewarding the society, taking it from the people and using it for the people through various methods.

The 2nd China Post-Indian Integration Solution Promotion Conference gathered 10 enterprises and 11 brands of Shengding Group. It showed the market charm of this market operation consortium, the cohesion inside the consortium and the new form of enterprise coexistence to the domestic and foreign markets. From the market theory, it is undoubtedly an innovative mode, an attempt of innovation. Whether it can arouse the attention of the theoretical circles is another topic, but it proves once again that theory is always grey, and the tree of practice is evergreen.

As the host of this promotion meeting, I would like to summarize briefly that our ten enterprises have some remarkable commonalities. As the Chinese ancient saying goes, nine kinds of Longsheng have their own characteristics, but they share the same name as Longsheng. Ten brands of the ten enterprises gathered at the exhibition share several common social attributes:

They all belong to the products of their own specialty.

They all have their own "independent intellectual property rights".

In their respective professional segments, they belong to the top three market positions.

They all have the innovative leaders and the backbone team to forge ahead together.

Similar corporate culture concept - respect for the market, exhibition is a strong combination, complementary advantages of cultural expression.

In the future, the development of Yangtze River machinery, I would like to sum up a few words: enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, should seize two "life-saving symbols". First, the historical opportunity of "going all the way" to go out may have 10-15 years for Chinese enterprises, and two is the trend of "supply side structural reform". As a result, the quality, service and price of the whole supply chain can be improved, and the market side coping ability can be improved, such as from individual operations to the formation of "Brothers Company" and the combination of small sampans into warships.

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