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What are the classification of printing equipment?

2018.10.16 1165


According to the different needs of letterpress, lithography, gravure and orifice plates, the printing machinery is made. It can be divided into two types: word plate making machine and image plate making machine. The former includes typesetting machine, typesetting machine, photo typesetting machine, paper making machine, lead plate making machine, plastic plate making machine, resin plate making machine, rubber plate making machine, etc. The latter includes plate-making camera, electronic color separator, electronic plate-repairing machine, electronic plate-making machine, whole-page plate-making machine, negative rinser, plate-making machine, baking machine, plate-drying machine, pre-coated plate-making machine, plate-making machine of copper and zinc plate, gravure plate-making machine, hole plate-making machine and auxiliary equipment of image plate-making (densitometer, automatic display). Shadow machine, light source and light source controller etc.

Printing machine

The printing and copying of characters and images by printing plates. According to the different plates used, it can be divided into relief press, lithographic press, gravure press, orifice press, special press, etc. According to the stamping form, there are 3 basic types: flat, circular and circular presses.

Binding machine

Binding machines include a single machine that completes one process on one machine, and a linkage that completes several processes on a set of machines. Single machine includes paper cutting machine, folding machine, matching machine, wire stapler, adhesive stapler, thread locking machine, paperback core covering machine, ironing machine, hardcover core processing machine (flattening, scraping, ridging, etc.), hardcover machine, upper shell forming machine, three-sided book cutting machine, packaging machine, etc. Linkages include horseback binding, paperback binding, hardcover binding and core processing.

Classification of printing machines

Printers are divided into relief, lithographic, gravure and orifice press according to the form of printing plate, and flat, circular and circular press according to the structure of loading plate and embossing plate.

1, relief printing press

A machine that uses letterpress to finish printing. Such as name card machine (resin version), type printing, zinc letterpress, set number and so on.

2, planographic press

A machine that completes the printing process with lithography. For example, polychromatic machine, four-color machine, double color machine, monochromatic machine, fast printing press, etc.

3, intaglio printing press

A machine that uses gravure to complete the printing process. Such as instant noodle glass bag printing, biscuit foil bag packaging.

4, screen-process printing press

A machine that uses screen printing to complete printing process. Hole plate printing: such as screen printing, circuit board printing, cloth printing, canned printing, engraving printing, partial polishing, etc.

Classification by paper form

1, sheet-fed printing press: the use of sheet fed presses.

2, roll-fed printing press: the use of web printing presses.

Classification of pressed printing structure

1, platen press: printing plate supporting body and imprint body are flat printing presses.

2, flat-bed cylinder press: the printing plate supporting body is flat, and the impression body is a cylindrical printing machine.

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