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Introduction to the properties and characteristics of paper Slitter

2018.10.16 96

Performance and characteristics:

1. Paper slicer is controlled by PLC and touch screen, magnetic powder clutch tension control and central coiling mode.

2. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can automatically meter, alarm shutdown and tension numbers are all displayed on the touch screen.

3. Rewinding uses photoelectric automatic rectification (or ultrasonic rectification) to correct the edges of the paper, so that irregular materials can be cut normally.

4, circular knife (or straight knife) longitudinal cutting, waste side automatic discharge device.

5, manual (or pneumatic) loading reel with taper sleeve inflatable shaft (3 "or 6").

6, the winding uses A, B axis (inflated type).

In order to make the machine work normally and cut out high quality finished products, it is necessary to inspect every part of the machine from time to time and refuel at each lubrication point.

Usage environment:

The use environment of the equipment directly affects the characteristics and service life of electrical appliances and components. The environment for installing the equipment should be as follows:

1. The room is well ventilated.

2, ambient temperature - 10 +40 C.

3, try to avoid high temperature and humidity, humidity less than 90%RH, no rain drops.

4, avoid direct sunlight.

5, no flammable, corrosive gases and liquids.

6. Installation foundation is fixed without vibration.

7, no electromagnetic interference, far from the source of interference.

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