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The fourth China post press integration solution conference will be held in December 12, 2018.

2018.11.08 105

Shengding Group was established in 2008. Its members are: Modern Dongke, Ritong Machinery, Shengdingyuan Import and Export Corporation. And supporting brothers: Hongjing Stock, Shanghai Yaoke, Yangtze River Machinery, Zhengtu Xinshi Technology, Hongming Machinery, Nanjiang Machinery, Dingxing Machinery, Significant Machinery, a set of post-press solutions for printing and packaging, the original intention of the group is to provide customers with a "one-stop" package of solutions, through. Over the past eight years, the actual promotion and application in the industry has formed a relatively strong influence, providing many customers with systematic and perfect quality services.

The product line includes coating and polishing of paper surface treatment, spraying code, mounting paper, die cutting and bronzing, off-line and connecting inspection, box pasting machine and box pasting machine, bag making, gift box forming, window pasting and import and export companies serving the international market. The fine division of labor of each subordinate and supporting company of the Group focuses only on R&D and production of a special equipment. It never blindly increases products and achieves "specificity, delicacy and exquisite products". After many years of practice, it has been proved that the correct positioning, and now the products of each subordinate enterprise have become the best in the industry. The purpose of the integrated solution promotion meeting is to better serve customers. Every enterprise in the group is the best one in the field of printing machinery in China. Every enterprise concentrates on the professional field and provides one-stop service for customers. Customers can easily complete the whole process by docking with one of the enterprises in the group. The whole docking reduces the selection time, reduces the cost of traveling and investigating, and respects the VIP service provided by Shengding Group.

Later will provide customers with relevant processes to achieve seamless docking, information sharing, more labor-saving, more conducive to management and lean production system, to meet the more harsh challenges of printing and packaging, to help print and packaging enterprises develop more healthily!

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